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Thoughts I wanted to see

Nagging Tea Towels

Nagging Tea Towels

Inspired by the loving frustration of my beautiful Mother’s voice, we remastered 6 iconic nags’ from her debut 3 X Platinum 1998 discography of nagging, to celebrate them in all their glory. These 100% Linen tea towels are all printed and hand-sewn in Australia, personally hemmed with the warm pink magenta branding of Thoughts I wanted to see and branded with our logo tag on the back! ( Yep premium Linen, super stylish and professional, you heard right! So go on and indulge yourself, which ones will you get!!)

“This is my whole life story’” - My Mother.

“God, that guy stole all the quotes off ya mum!!! “( hahahahaha laughs at own joke. ) - Your Dad

Note: While these Nagging Tea Towels could contribute to real change in your kitchen. We are realistic and know at the very least they’ll still bring a smile and welcomed discourse for shit-stirring, for which we are more than ok with!

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